Which Web Cameras Work with GradeCam?

Before purchasing a new camera or using your existing camera, it is best to test your options to see which camera solution works best for you.

How do I know if a web camera will work?

1. The litmus test is, "Can you Skype with it?" Any camera you can use to Skype can be used with GradeCam.

2. The camera must connect to the computer via USB; VGA connectors do not work.

3. Do not run your camera software at the same time you are running GradeCam. After choosing your camera, close the browser and reopen to allow GradeCam to recognize the change. See the "Scanning" for further assistance with scanning.

4. Test, test, test.



Below are a sample of camera options that have been tested by schools. This is not an exhaustive list. There are many, many cameras that work with GradeCam. The list includes the pros and cons schools have expressed. 

$8 Camera (this can sometimes be found elsewhere for $6-$7)

http://www.amazon.com/5-0-Megapixel-USB-Camera-Webcam/dp/B0019WF4FE/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&m=A3V6BK4D0HKA8F&s=pc&qid=1283962607&sr=1-32 (search on Amazon for: 5.0MP USB PC Camera Webcam w/ Mic.)

Pros: Cost, Plug 'N Play

Cons: No stand, little testing

$39 HUE HD Webcam


Pros: Cost, small foot print.

Cons: Cost

$89 iPevo Ziggy


Pros: Document camera, small footprint, auto focus, glare shade

Cons: Cost

$219 HoverCam T3 Document Camera

http://www.thehovercam.com/10-hovercam-document-camera-scanner-x300.html (while not a web camera, we have heard great feedback from schools about these cameras and thought they were worth mentioning in this list). 

Pros: Document camera, auto focus, 'plug n play', easy to use, sharp images.

Cons: Cost

Sharpat Scan Kit

http://www.sharpatkits.com (the Sharpat Scan Kit™, shown in image above, was developed for schools as a user-friendly bubble test scanning device that works with GradeCam and Illuminate DnA; pricing ranges from $33.95 to $44.95 depending on quantity; please see the "PURCHASING" tab on the website for pricing)

Pros: "Plug 'n play," basket to center scan sheets under the camera, created with educator input, cost

Cons: Manual focus


Note: If you have to install software with your camera, it might not work for GradeCam.

What's next?

Once you have picked a camera that is compatible with GradeCam, you can start scanning! Please view our "Scanning" help document for quick tips on scanning.