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GradeCam Plugin Installation Information for IT Departments

We've created this help document to help IT techs prepare their district or site for the GradeCam plugin installation. If you are not a district or site tech, you may find one of the other installation articles more helpful.


There are three ways to install the PC GradeCam plugin:

  1. Installation on a per-user basis (standard method)
  2. Installation on a per-computer basis
  3. Remote installation on a per-computer basis using Group Policy, etc.

There are two ways to install the Mac GradeCam plugin:

  1. Installation on a per-user basis (using the standard installer)
  2. Installation on a per-computer basis


PC installation on a per-user basis (standard method)

When a user downloads the GradeCam plugin from the Illuminate website, they get an installer for a per-user installation. Since this method of installation does not install the plugin for all users, it doesn't require the user to be a local administrator. This can be a good thing for districts that don't allow users to install software as the user is able to install the latest GradeCam plugin on an as-needed basis. Also, if there is a new version of the plugin released, the user can run the update themselves.


As part of the installation process, the installer will remove the older version of the plugin before the new plugin is installed. However, if the previous version of GradeCam was installed on a Per-Computer basis, the installer will not be able to remove it unless that user has administrator rights. This results in two versions of the plugin which can conflict with each other. Make sure that only one version of the plugin is installed at any given time.


One of the downsides of a per-user installation is that the software is only installed for the user who installs it. This can be confusing for users on a shared computer as each user must download and install the plugin for their user account.


If your district uses an imaging program like Deep Freeze, which restores the computer to a clean state after each reboot, the per-user installation can be frustrating for users who must reinstall the plugin after each reboot as well. In this case as well as the shared computer case it would be better to use an installation method other than the per-user installation to prevent confusion or frustration.


To download the per-user installation, you can click on the "Install the GradeCam Plugin" link from the scanning window on a computer that doesn't have GradeCam installed, or you can go to the Illuminate downloads page and download the per-user installer.

PC installation on a per-computer basis

This installation type installs the GradeCam plugin for all users on a computer. It requires administrator privileges to complete the installation and is only available from the downloads page.

This type of installation works well in multi-user environments,  when computers are deployed from an image or where it is feasible for an administrator to perform the installation on every computer.

This type of installation can cause problems because it requires an administrator to install or remove the GradeCam plugin. If the GradeCam plugin is updated, the user will not be able to update their plugin. Instead the administrator will have to manually update each computer, or push out a new image with the updated plugin.

Please note: Please note: Illuminate will not force users to update plugin without providing adequate notice to our district contacts via our GradeCam Updates email list. Click here ( to add your email address that mailing list so you can stay in the loop.

PC remote installation on a per-computer basis using Group Policy,etc.

This installation type is almost identical to the installation on a per-computer basis. As such, it has the same limitations The only difference is the way the file is deployed. Instead of a standard .exe file, the file is in .msi format to allow easy deployment using whichever tool the district uses for software management.

You can download the per-computer admin plugin in .msi format from the downloads page.

Mac per-user installation

The standard Mac installer installs the GCPlugin.plugin file in the ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder. As this is user-specific folder, only the user who has run the installer will have access to the GradeCam plugin. The user will not need his password to perform this installation.

Mac per-computer installation

To install the plugin for all users on a Mac computer, the GCPlugin.plugin file needs to be moved from ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/. You will need to authenticate as an administrator to move the file into this system-controlled folder. We do not provide a package installer that will move GCPlugin.plugin to the correct location for deployment with Apple Remote Desktop. However, you can create your own package installer with PackageMaker (included in XCode). You can find more information at the following site ( or by searching google for the terms “using PackageMaker