Data & AssessmentAssessment Scanning Teacher SetupInstall GradeCam Plugin for Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger)

Install GradeCam Plugin for Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger)

If you have Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger and your computer can handle it, we strongly recommend you upgrade to Mac OS X v10.5 or v10.6. If there is no way you can upgrade, proceed to the next step.

Where to start

Where to start

If you MUST use Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Operating System on your Mac, download the GradeCam's old 1.1.4 plugin available at This will save in your Downloads folder or on your desktop, depending on how your computer is configured.

You will see the plugin saved on your desktop or in your Downloads folder. (1) Double click to unzip the plugin. (2) Double click the Install icon. (3) A warning screen will appear. Click Open. (4) A message will appear that the plugin was successfully installed. Restart your internet browser if it is open.

Any time you scan in Illuminate, you will be prompted to upgrade your plugin. Do not do this.

Click Okay. You will be redirected to a new page. Close this page, ignoring Click here to start your download. Continue scanning as you normally would.

Next Step

Try scanning again. Use the "Scan Student Responses with GradeCam" lesson if needed.

If you are still unable to scan, please view our "Scanning Troubleshooting" help document for further assistance.