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Quick Guide - Create a Summary Assessment or a Demographic

Summary assessments show summative data (e.g., total score for a test) as opposed to question-by-question response data. A student demographic is just like a summary assessment except it tracks non-assessment data (e.g., # of cans donated in a drive, peer buddy hours, etc.), and it can be added to Illuminate using the same steps below.

While more detailed lessons are available in our "Summary Assessments" manual, this quick guide can be printed as a single, 1-sided sheet.

- Click Assessments tab > click Create a New Summary Assessment or Create a New Demographic.

- A title is required.  All other choices are optional; however, if you want to search for them based on subject, scope and/or grade level, be sure to make a choice.

- Click Save.

Add Columns

1. Add the columns to be included in your assessment.  Click Add a New Column.

2. Enter a name and choose the Column Type from the drop down menu.

3. Enter the Column Values you will be inputting.

4. Repeat these steps for each column you want to add > click Save.

Tip: If you plan to pull this data into a custom report, be sure to make use of the Number and Boolean options.  Number allows you to filter by greater than and less than.  Boolean allows you to filter by Yes/No or True/False.


Add Data

Add Data

- Click Edit.

- Select from the drop down menus > Submit.

- Enter student data.  To create a second row for the same student, click the green + sign.

- Click Submit to save the data you have entered.