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Create an Itembank Assessment

In the Itembank, assessments can be created with items/questions from the community-driven public item bank, 3rd party item banks purchased by the district, user-created items, or a combination of all three. This lesson will show you how to create an assessment with items and publish a test booklet ready to use with students.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under Itembank, click Visit Itembank.

Create A New Assessment

1. Select the Create tab.

2. Click Assessment (Standard Mode).

3. Press Next.

Enter Assessment Details

Enter Assessment Details

1. Give a Name for your assessment. The red asterisk (*) next to Name the Assessment indicates this field is required.

2. The description will not tie to filters (i.e., narrowing down your displayed list of assessments) but can contain any information you find helpful (such as the purpose of the assessment, what you plan to do with results, a particular student group that should take the assessment, etc.).

3. Tag your assessment for easier searching on your list of assessments.

4. Click Create.

Identify Item Standards

Identify Item Standards

1. Choose the standards set, subject, and the grade level for the standard(s) to which you will be aligning to your assessment. As you select the drop-down menus the standards will be automatically loaded on the page. To find a specific standard by key word or standard code, use the search box then click Search.

2. You can click any arrow symbol to expand the strand or sub-strand and see the standards housed within.

3. Here you can see an expanded selection.

4. Select the standard(s) by clicking on the bolded name of the standard. A chain link symbol will appear when standard is linked.

5. As you select standards, the number of standards selected and the standard codes will appear to the right of the page.

6. You may continue to select standards by changing your search options at the top of the page. Click Continue.

Note: If you build Assessments in the Itembank often, you will see recent standards you've used, under the standard dropdown menus, for quick addition to a search.

Optional: Add Materials

Add materials allows a you to add additional test materials for students to use, i.e. Periodic Table. THIS IS OPTIONAL.

To add materials:

1. Click Add Materials.

2. Press Choose File and select the file you would like attached to this assessment.

3. Give the material a title.

4. Click Submit.

5. Your material will upload, do edit click the pencil icon, and to delete, click the trash can icon.

Select Item Search Criteria

Select Item Search Criteria

Use the search filters to find the items you wish to add to your test. You may select multiple filters to narrow your search. Remember to click Update Filters after each of your selections in order to apply the filters to your results.

1. Item Banks: Click one or more banks to search for items. The Public bank contains items submitted by Itembank users. If your district has purchased items from specific 3rd party vendors (e.g., INSPECT), those banks will appear.

2. Item Types: Choose from available item types (e.g., multiple choice).

3.  Item Keywords: Enter key words to find items with those words contained in the stem or answer options.

4. Passages: Search for items that are use passages, do not have passages or either.

The Reset button will clear your selected search criteria.

Modifying the standards you are searching for:

Modifying the standards you are searching for:

If you want to modify the standards you're searching by:

1. Click on the name of the standard and the 'Select Standards' box will pop up.

2. Click on the standard you no longer want to search by to un-highlight it. OR use Unselect All, or Select All.

3. Select Update Filters.

Add Items

Add Items

Search results will appear below the Search Filters area so that you can add items to your assessment.

1. At the top of your search results, you will see the number of items found from your search and you may jump from page to page by clicking the arrows next to the page number at right.

2. Each item displays the standard code aligned to the item, teacher instructions (if available), the stem, answer choices (correct answer in green), and a link to show Rationale & Item info (if the item contains this information).

3. Click the Add button to add the item to your assessment. Once added, the button will be shaded in gray with the word "Added." In the example above, the second question has been added. To remove an item, simply click the Added button and the item will be removed from your assessment.

4. As items are added to your assessment, a count of the items added will appear to the right of the page as well as the number of items by standard.

5. Click Continue when finished adding items.

Note: The Pencil/Screen icons at the top of the a  indicate if an item works on paper test, online test or both.

Review Your Assessment

Review Your Assessment

The Review step allows you to review the items added to your assessment, change the Answer Order (1) Question Order (2) and Remove (3) items. Click Continue (4) to go to the Overview step.



On the Overview page you can:

1. Add Sections.

2. Edit Section Titles and Question Labels by clicking on the Pencil icon. You may also delete sections using the Trash Can icon, or re-order sections using the Arrows.

3. When finished, click Continue.

Format Assessment Booklet

Format Assessment Booklet

The Booklet step provides several options to format your assessment. Select the Print Options (1), layout of the items in the PDF Template (2), then click Generate (3).

Note: The recommended template is determined by the item format included in the test. Items in the Itembank may have a pre-defined layout.

Generate Assessment Booklet

Generate Assessment Booklet

The assessment booklet will generate as a PDF on your computer. The example above shows how a 2 column booklet looks like.

Publish Your Assessment

Publish Your Assessment

Publish is the final step of the itembank assessment creation process. Prior to publishing, if you would like to make changes to your assessment, go to the appropriate tab to make your edits. When you are sure that your assessment is in final form and can be made available for administration, click Publish. Once an itembank assessment is published, it cannot be edited.

Note the Disabled buttons below Publish, this section displays Question Groups that your test items fall under. If you would like to organize your assessment into these groups (this aids with reporting) just click on Disabled and it will turn into Enabled. To later edit the titles of these Question Groups, once published click on the Advanced tab in the Assessment Overview page and select Question Groups.

Return to Assessments Details

1. Once your assessment has been published, you will be taken to the Details tab which displays the Assessment Overview.

2. You may chose to Add Materials to the test.

3. Back to Assessments will take you to your list of itembank assessments created.

4. Return to Illuminate will take you back to Illuminate to your list of assessments.

Return to Illuminate

Return to Illuminate

Once you are back in Illuminate, you will see your published itembank assessment in your list of assessments. In the example above, the Algebra I Blueprint is an itembank assessment as noted in the Type column.

Next Steps

You may share the itembank assessment you published with other users in your district. See the "Share an Assessment" lesson for more details. Please be aware that itembank assessments can only be duplicated and deleted by the assessment author. In addition, since the assessment is "published," editing of the test booklet is not possible.

Check out Illuminate U! for training modules on Assessments and Itembank!