Item/Passage Feedback

This lesson will guide you through the steps of leaving feedback for an author of an Itembank question or passage. You can leave feedback for any author, letting them know what the issue with the question or passage is, i.e. spelling mistake, answer correction, etc. The author will then be able to view this feedback and make revisions to the item/passage.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Once in the Item Bank (Assessments > Visit Itembank ) and viewing a question or passage find the Feedback link at the bottom of the item/passage box.

Once you click Feedback, a box will appear where you can:

1. Select the issue(s) you would like to report. (i.e. Correct answer choice is incorrect, Spelling or grammar error, etc.)

2. Type in a comment for clarification (items only).

3. Click Submit.

Authors will be able to see item feedback via the Feedback Report found by clicking Items > Feedback Report. Authors can click on the Item Number ID to make edits or revisions.