Itembank Toolbar Overview

When creating items or passages, an Itembank Toolbar is available to assist you in creating your very own unique item. Most tools available are similar to that in Microsoft Word or other Word Processing programs. This lesson will break down the various tools available to you.

Where to Start

To see and have access to the toolbar, you must be in the creation process of an item or passage. The toolbar will appear when creating the stem, answer choices, rubric, and passage.

Toolbar Overview

Take a look at the first row of available tools and options when creating an item:

  • Format text to be Bold (1), Italicized (2), Underlined (3), or Strikethrough (4)
  • Align text to Left Justified (5), Center Justified (6), or Right Justified (7)
  • Cut (8), Copy (9),  or Paste (10) information or text
  • Paste as Plain Text (11) is used when you are needed to copy and paste from a secured document
  • Paste from Microsoft Word (12) is used when you are needed to copy from a document within Microsoft Word, allowing for special formatting and text
  • Use Find (13) or Replace (14) to find or replace a specific word within the text box
  • Use Undo (15) or Redo (16) to undo the last change or redo a change made
  • Spellcheck (17) for grammatical or spelling errors within the text box
  • Use Remove Formatting (18) is best when something unique has been pasted to the text box from another source and any special formatting needs to be removed
  • Edit HTML Source (19) allows the ability to use the HTML Source Editor to update, edit, and revise the HTML code
  • Toggle (20) or change the text box to a fullscreen for a larger entry view and use of the tools

Take a look at the second row of available tools and options when creating an item:

  • Create a Bulleted (21) or Numerical (22) list within the entered text
  • Create an Indent (24) or Remove an Indent (25)
  • Create a Table (26) to insert in the text box
  • Once a Table is created, additional tools will become available such as Table Cell Properties (27), Insert Row Before (28) the selected row, Insert Row After (29) the selected row, Delete Row (30) to remove a row, Insert Column Before (31) the selected column, Insert Column After (32) the selected column, and Delete Column (33) to remove a column from the table
  • If cells are merged, Split Merged Table Cells (34)
  • Need to merge cells? Select Merge Table Cells (35)
  • Upload an Image (36) from a saved jpeg, png, gif file
  • Upload and Insert a Video (37) into the textbox
  • Make text to be Subscript (38) or Superscript (39)
  • Need a special character quickly? Select the Insert Special Character (40) for characters like accent marks, symbols, and more
  • Add New Math (41) creates unique math formulas in a free entry mode, without a template equation or formula to follow
  • Math Symbols (42) provides a library of math symbols to choose from, providing an entry framework to follow for formatting to occur automatically
  • Use the Graph Editor (43) to build custom graphs from various equations sets

Next Steps

See the "Create an Itembank Assessment" lesson to build a test with items.