Create a Quick Assessment

This lesson will guide you through the process of creating a Quick Assessment in the Illuminate Itembank. Quick Assessments are created in four steps, basically you will input the standard(s) you wish to generate questions for, provide any exclusions, and the amount of questions you want, then items will populate an assessment based on your criteria.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under Itembank, click Visit Itembank.

3. Select Create at the top of the page.

4. Select Quick Assessment.

5. Press Next.

Create a Quick Assessment

Create a Quick Assessment

The system will then start to guide you through the 4 steps to creating your quick assessment. Note you can click on the 'Step 1, Step 2...etc.' tabs to navigate through/back.

1. Give your assessment a name. This is technically the only requirement on this page. The description and tags are optional but help to quickly find the assessment later on.

2. Click Continue.

3. Next you will want to select the standard(s) you wish to assess. This questions will generate based on your standard selection(s).

4. Once you select a standard(s) they will populate at the top of the page. Enter how many questions you wish to have for each standard. You can also Modify Criteria for the questions (i.e. only certain Depth of Knowledge levels, etc.) and Delete standards from this list.

5. Click Continue.

This step is optional. It allows you to exclude questions from other assessments you may have given.

6. Use keywords to find the assessment you wish to exclude, once selected they will display at the top of the page.

7. When finished, select Continue.

8. Questions based on the standard(s) you selected will populate. You can re-generate a question if it is not to your liking by clicking Re-Generate.

9. You can Re-Generate all questions for a specific standard as well by clicking Re-Generate Standard.

10. You can Re-Generate All Questions for the entire assessment if you wish by selecting Re-Generate All Questions.

11. When finished, you can Save the assessment if you wish to come back to it later, or you can select Ready to Publish if you are ready to push the assessment into Illuminate and administer it.

If saving, you can access the assessment again by clicking the Assessments tab at the top of the page.

If publishing, you will receive a success message at the top of the page along with the Assessment Details.

Accessing the Assessment in Illuminate

Accessing the Assessment in Illuminate

To administer your exam after publishing:

1. Select the Assessments tab.

2. Click List Assessments.

3. Click on the Title of the assessment.