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Duplicate an Itembank Assessment (NEW)

This lesson reviews how to duplicate an itembank assessment. Itembank Assessments are typically only available for the author to duplicate or copy in their own account. When shared to others, the itembank assessment can only be duplicated with certain permissions assigned to the user.

Contact your District Administrator for questions or to enable permissions.

Why Duplicate an Itembank Assessment?

Itembank Assessments once published are locked from further editing and cannot be changed once published by the author or creator. Users, with permissions or as the acting author, can duplicate or make a copy of an itembank assessment that will create an editable version of the existing assessment to then edit, revise and refine. Once complete, the assessment must be published again in order to be available for sharing to others and administration to students.

Key Data Sys SBAC Interim Assessments

  • For example, assessments provided by Key Data Systems in support of SBAC are meant to be reviewed, edited, and published by specific users such as TestAdmin or those who have access, to the unique needs and assessment goals for each site or district. In order to do that, the itembank assessment must be duplicated in order to further edit the assessment.

Published a Little Too Soon

  • Another example, most common, is when an itembank test has been published a little too soon. The author needs to edit and revise the assessment. The itembank assessment must be duplicated to order to further edit the assessment.

Where to Start

Find and select an itembank assessment in Assessment > List Assessments. Refer to Find an Assessment for assistance.

1. Click the Title of the assessment to open it.

Duplicate an Itembank Assessment

There are two areas a user can duplicate an Itembank assessment, either from within the assessment in Illuminate or from within the Illuminate Itembank.

From the Assessment in Illuminate

From the Assessment in Illuminate

If you are the author or a user with permissions:

1. Select Advanced, then Duplicate Itembank Assessment.

2. You will be prompted to select how you want to duplicate or make a copy of the assessment. Duplicate as provides two options:

  • Not Published (most common) creates an editable copy in the itembank account
  • Published creates a published non-editable copy sent directly to the Illuminate Assessments > List Assessments

3. Select Duplicate to confirm the duplicate copy or Cancel to stop the duplication process.

Once duplicated, you will be taken to the Illuminate Itembank to a "Copy of" the assessment.

From the Illuminate Itembank

From the Illuminate Itembank

If you are the author of an itembank assessment:

1. Select the Assessments tab.

2. Then, under Itembank, select Visit Itembank.

Once in the Itembank, visit the Assessments module to access itembank assessments that have been created in your account.

3. In the assessment list, find the assessment that you wish to duplicate and select the duplicate icon on the right-hand side.

When the duplicate icon is selected, a window will appear to confirm the task. Select OK or Cancel to move forward with the process.

Rename, Edit/Revise, and Publish (When Ready)

Rename, Edit/Revise, and Publish (When Ready)

Once duplicated, you will be taken to the Illuminate Itembank to a "Copy of" the assessment.

  • Edit and adjust the Title (1), removing the "Copy of" and refining the name of the assessment to something different than the original.
  • Continue or Go Back (2) to edit and refine the assessment as needed using the Itembank tools available.
  • When the assessment is complete and ready as final version, select Publish (3).
  • Return to Illuminate (4) to start the administration process with students, share with other users, and other assessment tools available.

Return to Illuminate

Once you are back in Illuminate, you will see your published itembank assessment in your list of assessments.

Next Steps

You may share the itembank assessment you published with other users in your district. See the "Share an Assessment" lesson for more details.

Check out Illuminate U! for training modules on Assessments and Itembank!