Downloading The Conference App

We’re excited to announce that this year, Illuminate Education has worked with Gather Digital to provide a mobile application for the event. You will get up-to-the-minute information such as the latest agenda, updates from the conference planner, speaker information, feedback opportunities, maps, vendor details, an attendee list and more.

Steps To Download The App:

1. Open your Apple or Android app store.

  • Search ‘IEUC’ or ‘Illuminate Education’
1. Open your Apple or Android app store

2. Login

3. Setting your password for the first time

3. Setting your password for the first time
  • Request your password
  • Enter your district email address. This must be identical to the one entered when you registered for the conference.
  • Login to your district email and click the password link in your email. This email will come from
  • Enter your app password twice to set password
  • Return to login page

2. Select your conference

1. Home

1. Home
  • Anything posted to Twitter, using @IlluminateEd, #IEUC16 or #IEUC2016 will be rotated on the homepage!


  • Click the list icon in the top left corner to access all of the app features.

2a. Sessions

  • Filter your sessions by Product Features, Presenters or Vendors.

2b. Checking into Sessions

What will we do with this data? 

  • Generate reports on session attendance, so we can:
    1. Offer sessions more frequently
    2. Offer sessions in bigger rooms
  • Generate reports on session surveys, so we can improve our presentations.
  • Generate reports on overall satisfaction of the event, so we can improve future conferences.

2c. Session Feedback

To answer our 3 question survey about the session you attended, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the My Sessions tab
  • Click on the title of the session you just attended
  • Click the survey link

3. My Schedule

  • Save the sessions that you wish to attend, set reminders and take notes!
  • By clicking the paper icon in the top right corner, you can take notes on any session.

4. Messages

4. Messages
  • This feature is designed to be an in-app email.
  • Illuminate staff wants to keep you up-to-date with changes and reminders before and during the conference. Click here to read more!
  • Did you make some new friends? Plan a meeting by sending an in-app email! You can also ask presenters questions after a session
  • Please note: You can only email users that have created an account within the conference app

5. Discussion Board

5. Discussion Board
  • Tell us how you utilize Illuminate. What are you favorite features? What do you like most? Post fun things you used Illuminate for in your district or classroom!
  • Start a discussion by clicking the Discussion Board link and then the Paper/Pencil icon in the top right corner.
  • Comment on a discussion by clicking the discussion topic

6. Photos

6. Photos
  • Help Illuminate document the event but taking lots of pictures and posting them here!

7. Attendees, Speakers & Vendors

  • We love meeting new people! Use our app to network with someone you met or find sessions taught by a specific presenter.
  • You can take notes here too!
  • Did you visit a vendor and now you want to see what they’re all about? Take notes, email and view the website for each of our vendors.  

8. Maps

  • Having a hard time finding a classroom? We dropped pins on the venue map to help you navigate the conference center!
  • Want to find out more about the conference? Find out printable schedule and help docs here.
  • Want to find out more about Illuminate? Keep in touch with Facebook, Twitter and our Illuminate home webpage.

10. Info

10. Info
  • Find general information about the conference, including location, specials needs, invoicing, upcoming conferences and much more!

11. Conference Feedback

11. Conference Feedback
  • Please click this link to let us know how we did and how we can improve for next year!