CST Cluster Scores 3-Year Comparison

Description: This is an abstract for the CST Cluster Scores 3-Year Comparison, which compares CST content cluster results for a district, site, or teacher, across three years overall and by grade level.

Purpose: Identifies trends over time within each content cluster and can be used to compare results to the State Average, Minimally Proficient, and Minimally Advanced.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > cluster scores



Who is the intended audience?

Administrators, Teachers

What data is reported?

The overall average percent correct per cluster for three years, and the average percent correct per cluster by grade level. You can choose to see the difference of the scores compared to the State average, State minimally proficient, or State minimally advanced.

How is the data reported?

Overall average scores for the district, site or teacher are in a table and bar graph, followed by averages by grade level in a table and bar chart.


Content clusters vary in difficulty, so a site’s highest % correct does not necessarily indicate its strength. Change Report Type to Compare to State Min. Prof. to compare each site’s % correct to the average % correct earned by students statewide.