Pupil Membership Alpha List

Description: This is an abstract for the Pupil Membership Alpha List, which pulls individual student results by site and grade level with summarized counts for FTE GE, FTE S52, FTE S53 and Total FTE.

Purpose: To review student FTE data and overall site and grade level FTE data.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts >Alpha List



Who is the intended audience?

District Administrators

What data is reported?

Each student’s name, student ID, birthdate, student's primary address, gender, current grade level, General FTE,Section 52 FTE, Section 53 FTE, Total FTE (General + S52 + S53). A total student count, General FTE, S52, S53, and Total FTE is provided by site and grade level.

How is the data reported?

By student and grouped by site and grade level.