Assessment Matrix Report

Description: This is an abstract for the Assessment Matrix Report, which shows a breakdown of an assessment by question, question group, or standard for each individual student and overall.

Purpose: To compare a single student's performance on a question, Question Group, or Standard, and then to analyze those individual results by class.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilt > Assessment Matrix Report



Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

A list of students by name and a list of questions by number. For each question the class average performance for the question is listed, as well as individual student performance per question, correct (Green) or incorrect (Red with their chosen answer).

How is the data reported?

By question, class average, question type and correct answer at left, then student names along the top. The overall student score is at the top under each student's name, followed by their individual correct/incorrect answers for all questions on the test. This report can also be run by question group and standard.