LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)

Description: This is an abstract for the LCAP- Local Control Accountability Plan, which describes a district's annual goals and expected and actual progress toward meeting said goals. NOTE: This report can also be run at school level for Charter schools.

Purpose: Identifies district goals and expected/actual progress towards those goals for submittal to the state.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilt > LCAP

This report can be run at District OR Site level.



Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

Conditions of Learning, Implementation of State Standards, Parent Involvement, Pupil Achievement, Pupil Engagement, School Climate, Core Access, and Pupil Outcomes.

How is the data reported?

The report is run for a particular district as a whole and is reported by order of priority.



- The report is based on the state approved template  that can be found at

- Charts and tables populate the sections of the report to address each priority as best as possible.

- The report has been formatted to export as a Word document so districts can annotate and append information as needed.

- Some data is pulled from what is loaded into Illuminate (CST and CAHSEE).

- College Readiness, Suspension/Expulsion, Graduation Rates are populated from the data CDE makes available to the public.

- The 14 digit DISTRICT CDS code must be populated in Site Management for the information to populate some of the data (same information as in the API Estimator on this criteria).