AIMSweb Parent Letter

Description: This is an abstract for the AIMSweb Parent Letter. This is a student level report that provides AIMSweb literacy or math results for a single year for fall, winter and spring administrations.  The student score, building average, and national average are shown in graphical format.  

Purpose: The purpose of this report is to give context to and summarize the student’s performance on either their Mathematics or Literacy as compared to performance of other students  (within the building and nationally) for the parents to view.

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Who is the intended audience?

The Parents of the student.

What data is reported?

This report displays the students name, grade level, subject, academic year, and site name.  Displayed as well is the student’s score for (Literacy Report) Letter Naming Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, Letter Sound Fluency, and PSF or (Mathematics Report) Missing Number, Oral Counting, Number Identification, and Quantity Discrimination.  Also displayed is the “Building Average” score and the National Average score for these assessments.    

How is the data reported?

Each student’s results per subject are displayed graphically with the individual scores from each assessment alongside Building and National Average on a single page.