AIMSweb Tier Transition

Description: This is an abstract for the AIMSweb Tier Transition report. This report allows for comparison of the percentage of students at each tier during the different reporting periods (Fall, Winter, Spring) and allows the User to track the changes across the three reporting periods at a specific school site.

Purpose: This report enables Users to track student tier changes over the course of the reporting periods (fall, winter, spring).

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Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

This report displays the school site, academic year, grade level, the General Outcome Measure, percent/number of students at each tier for Fall, Winter and Spring, and the tier transitions from Fall to Winter and for Winter to Spring.

How is the data reported?

For the selected school site, the data is displayed graphically on a single page, showing the percent number of students at each tier level for each reporting period and the number of tier transitions between the three reporting period.