WASC Chapter I Report

Description: This is an abstract for the WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) Chapter I report. This report includes 3 years of school level data required for Chapter One of the WASC Self-Study Report: State & Federal Accountability, Enrollment, Demographics, State test performance, College Readiness Indicators, Algebra Enrollment, Behavior, and D&F Grade Analysis. Specific details are given below.

Purpose: For use while creating Chapter One of the WASC Self Study for the accreditation process.

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Who is the intended audience?

Site Level Administrators and staff working on WASC Self-Study

What data is reported?

The following data is provided at school level over the last 3 years:

AYP (Participation, Meeting Goals, Graduation Rates)

API (Overall API, API by Subgroup, and State/Similar Schools Ranking)

School Enrollment (by Gender, Grade Level & Race/Ethnicity)

Predominant Student Languages

English Learner Enrollment

Socioeconomic Data (Parent Education Level & Free/Reduced Lunch)

CST Performance

SBA ELA & Math

CAHSEE Performance for ELA & Math

CELDT Performance

EAP - College Readiness (Early Assessment Program)

SAT - College Readiness

ACT - College Readiness

Advanced Placement (AP)

Mathematics Enrollment (Algebra & Below Algebra for 9th Graders)

Summary of D & F Transcript Grades for Selected Terms

Behavior (Suspensions & Expulsions)

How is the data reported?

The report is run for a particular site, and each data point listed has its own section on the report.

Ex. This page displays School Enrollment by Gender, Grade Level & Race/Ethnicity.

Ex. This page displays API information- Growth trends, growth changes, whether or not the Growth Target was met and growth trends per subgroup.

Ex. This page displays EAP - College Readiness (Early Assessment Program) participation and the percentage breakdown for the EAP Readiness indicator (College Ready / Not College Ready).  


  • This report uses a mix of data from Illuminate & the State Research files. There are notes on each page as to which data source it pulls from.
  • If you try to access the API Estimator and no sites are listed in the site selection menu, the school/district needs to edit the site(s) under Site Management and fill in the State School ID field with the full 14-digit CDS code for the school. Often the CDS code is shown with dashes, but it should be the 14 digit code with no spaces or dashes. For example, 30-66670-6030324 is what is normally reported, but it should be input as 30666706030324.
  • If the CDS code is filled in, but the site still doesn't show in the menu, they need to verify that the site has the correct CDS code, and that the raw data file from the state actually refers to that same CDS code.