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CA: College Readiness High School Student Snapshot

Description: A student level report with all applicable college readiness data including High School and College Readiness data.

Purpose: Provide a single snapshot of the student’s progress toward completing high school and preparing to apply for college.

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Who is the intended audience?

Students, Parents, Teachers, Counselors.

What data is reported?

Each student’s name, student ID, birthdate, current grade level, current school, A-G requirement status, HS Credit Summary, CAHSEE Status, GPA, AP coursework, EAP, SAT, and AP. Inclusion of National Comparisons for SAT and ACT data is optional.

How is the data reported?

Each student is summarized in a single page.

Steps Needed to Run Report:

  • A graduation check for the A-G requirements and the HS graduation requirements must be run before data will populate for a student.
  • ACT, SAT, and AP data must be imported National Assessments.
  • EAP data pulls from the STAR file for ELA and Math.