GPA Jumper

Description: This is an abstract for the report GPA Jumper, which lists any students in selected criteria that have moved up or down in the compared Grading Periods.

Purpose: This provides a quick list of students whom have moved up or down in a selected Grading Period.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > GPA Jumper



Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators.

What data is reported?

A list of students, their GPA's compared side by side and the difference for the Grading Periods selected.

How is the data reported?

Student ID, Name, GPA 1, GPA 2 (Key up at the top), and Difference.

*Note you get to select the Grading Periods, GPA Calculation, and if you want students who went -1.5, -1, -0.75, -0.5, -0.25, 0.25+, 0.5+, 0.75+, 1+, or 1.5+.