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Notice of Suspension 3 Years (ISI Only)

Description: This is an abstract for the Notice of Suspension 3 Years report, which lists three previous academic years worth of suspensions and violations by teacher for any of the ed codes in the 48900 or 48915 series. This report is CA specific - a non CA report has not been created at this time.

Purpose: Displays a list of suspensions by date and violation for teachers so they can be notified of any student that has any of the 48900 ed code violations and/or 48915 series violations for the the previous three academic school years.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > Behavior

Who is the intended audience?

Administrators and Counselors.

What data is reported?

A list by Student Last Name, Student First Name, Incident Date, and Violation Number by teacher.

How is the data reported?

List format with Incident Date and Violation Number.

NOTE: This report will default to run for the last 3 academic years. If you wish to run it for a custom set of years, change the year in the Control Panel. District System Administrator needs to share this report with users they wish to utilize it.


This report is based on a documented violation in any subsection of 48900 (excluding "h") or 48915 within the last 3 academic years in CA (See Ed Code information here:

For Non-CA Clients, this will report students if they have received a suspension within the last three years.

In Code Management this report is linked to the system key for suspension 'suspension_outofschool'.