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California Scholarship Federation Eligibility List

Description: This is an abstract for the California Scholarship Federation Eligibility List, which reports which years a student has gained CSF eligibility points.

Purpose: Provides a one page report that can be used to gauge a students Eligibility or Ineliglibility for CSF.

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Who is the intended audience?

Students, Parents, Teachers & Administrators

What data is reported?

Student Name, Student ID, Current School, Current Grade Level, Semester Course List, Course Grade, CSF List the Course qualifies for, Weight of the course (CP/AP) CSF Eligibility Points Earned & CSF Extra Points Earned by Course and overall CSF Eligibility.

How is the data reported?

This report is presented student by student listing out all the courses they are enrolled in for the semester chosen, and indicating the CSF eligibility points associated with each course. 

Each course grade is also displayed along with any disqualifying grades for a course for CSF eligibility (any grades that are D or F) as well as which CSF List the Course qualifies for.

Finally overall CSF eligibility is shown next to each student's name allowing for quick scans of which students are or are not eligible for CSF.

This report uses the 'Group Students By' feature to give users a choice as to how they wish to group students on the report include: Comprehensive (All students Selected), Site, Grade Level, Course, Teacher, or Section.

*Note: Under 'Course Detail' the list a course is assigned to must be designated under 'Scholarship Program (CSF List)' by the User.