AzMERIT Performance Summary

Description: This is an abstract for the AzMERIT Performance Summary report, which summarizes AzMERIT ELA or Math assessments overall and scoring category performance levels.

Purpose: This report summarizes AzMERIT ELA or Math assessments overall and category performance levels for past or current student performance for the group selected.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > AzMERIT


Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators

What data is reported?

Total number of students tested, percent of students overall proficient and not proficient, percent of students in each overall performance level, the percent of students at each level by category

How is the data reported?

Each section belongs to the grouping specified. Overall results are in a table and bar graph, and Category level data is in a stacked bar graph.  The report is drillable to provide a list and custom report with the students in each performance level.

This report uses the 'Group Students By' feature to give users a choice as to how they wish to group students on the report include: Comprehensive (All students Selected), Site, Grade Level, Course, Teacher, or Section.