Advanced Placement (AP) Report

Description: This is an abstract for the Advanced Placement (AP) Report, which reports the AP Passage at a particular site on All Tests and by Test Taken.

Purpose: Provides a report that can help assess which AP Tests a site is passing versus not passing and the overall passage rates based on the tests taken.

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Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

Site, Test Year, AP Test Included, AP Passage on All Tests, # of Exams Taken, % of Exams Passed, Summary of Exams Taken versus Passed, and AP Passage by Test Taken.

How is the data reported?

The report is run for a particular site and lists each AP Test the user selected to display. The report can also be run for All Tests Taken which is the default option if a user does not select a single or specific AP Tests from a drop down list. AP Tests Included in the report are listed at the very top beneath the header.

A bar chart is displayed showing the overall AP Passage in the report. AP Passage by Test Taken is displayed by a list with a specific # of Exam Taken and % of Exams Passed.

At the very end of the report you can see a summary for AP Passage by year.