Class Roster with ELA and Math STAR



Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

Each student’s name, ID, grade level, birthdate, age, gender, EL status (“Y” for “Yes” if EL), scale score and

proficiency level for 3 years on ELA and Math STAR tests.

How is the data reported?

Each separate report section/page belongs to a specific class period for one teacher.


Don’t use this report to judge student growth, as STAR tests differ in difficulty from one grade/level to the next. Also, note how “academic year” and “test year range” selections impact the report. For example, if I select students who were in my classroom (academic year) in 2010-2011 and took the STAR (test year range) 2009-2011, scores will include how my students performed following my instruction in 2011. However, if it’s September and I select 2011-2012 as academic year and 2009-2011 as test year, I can see my incoming students’ performance.