CST Cluster Scores- Site List



Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators

What data is reported?

For each site: average performance level, and average % of questions answered correctly for each content cluster; you can opt to change the latter scores to the difference between the site’s score and that of another such as SMP, explained below.

How is the data reported?

All sites are listed with their average scores, followed by averages for the district and state and a graphed summary. The Grade filter is a popular way to narrow down results.


Content clusters vary in difficulty, so a site’s highest % correct does not necessarily indicate its strength. Change Report Type to Compare to State Min. Prof. to compare each site’s % correct to the average % correct earned by students statewide. The system will calculate Site Score – SMP Score = # for you so you can identify possible strengths (highest #s) and possible weaknesses (lowest #s). Comparisons to State Minimally Advanced or the district are also possible.