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CST Multi-Year Report by Course/Grade



Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators

What data is reported?

% and # of students earning each performance level on a CST for each of 3 test years, by grade level and overall (all grades combined).

How is the data reported?

Each separate report section/page belongs to a specific course (thus secondary Math has multiple pages/courses, whereas as elementary English-Language Arts typically has 1) at a specific site.


While you might be tempted to track the same group of students through a report (e.g., assuming most 2nd graders in 2009 are displayed as 3rd graders in 2010 and 4th graders in 2011), remember that students move away, move in, change courses, and are retained, so the “same” group of students undergoes changes. Also note, CSTs differ in difficulty from 1 level/grade to the next (e.g., the 11th Grade ELA CST is harder for 11th graders than the 9th Grade ELA CST is for 9th graders) but the same CST maintains its difficulty year-to-year (through scaling).