CST Multi-Year Table and Charts



Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

For the ELA and Math CST: # of students tested and % of students earning each performance level for each of 3 test years.

How is the data reported?

Each separate report section/page belongs to a specific site, and results are tabled at the top and graphed at the bottom of each page. Math results are combined at the secondary level (e.g., Algebra I results are mixed with Geometry results, etc.).


All grade levels are combined in this report. This gives you a district-wide snapshot of performance. Because test levels differ in difficulty (e.g., the 3rd Grade ELA CST is harder for 3rd graders than the 4th Grade ELA CST is for 4th graders), any major shifts in # tested per grade level or subject area (e.g., most 9th graders took Algebra I in 2010 vs. Geometry in 2011) could impact year-to-year comparisons.