Student Parent Letters

Description: This is an abstract for the assessment Student & Parent Letters, which communicates to a student or parent how 1 student performed on 1 test.

Purpose: A letter that provides information on a student's score, standard performance, performance level, question groups and answers on a specific assessment.

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Who is the intended audience?

Students or parents

What data is reported?

For a single student: student name, student ID, assessment name, test date, performance level, overall % correct, questions missed vs. correct, standards and/or question groups mastered vs. not mastered.

How is the data reported?

Each student has his or her own page, though you can generate reports for every student in a class period simultaneously. Also, the letter and its standards can be displayed in English or Spanish.



The author of the test determines what % constitutes mastery for each standard. Thus, if you disagree with the way standards are separated into mastered vs. not mastered categories, the test’s author may adjust it via the “Advanced” tab when viewing the assessment.