Student Small Slips

Description: This is an abstract for the assessment Student Small Slips, which are paper saving “mini reports” for multiple students on the same sheet of paper, which can be cut to distribute.

Purpose: Provides a small slip which gives a student information about how they performed on a test overall, on each question and by standard.

Navigation: Assessments >  List Assessments > 'Title of Assessment' > Reports > Student Small Slips



Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

For each student: student name, student ID, assessment name, # correct, % correct, performance level, an indication of which questions were answered correctly and which were not. All of the following is optional for each student: how each question was answered, correct answer, standards not mastered, how many questions aligned to each standard were answered correctly.

How is the data reported?

You can generate the report for a single student, but the real magic happens when you generate the report for an entire section. Multiple students are featured per page (usually 10 students per page if you don’t include standards) in a way that allows for easy cutting, so you can give each student his or her slip. Also, the slips and their standards can be displayed in English or Spanish.


You do not need a color printer. While missed questions are denoted with red, the incorrect answers are completely darkened with red so they are apparent (as darkened/filled boxes) even if you cannot print in color.