Description: This is an abstract for the assessment Statistics report, which provides statistics on a test’s composition and results.

Purpose: Gives key statistics on a test's composition, and student performance on the test as a whole and on each question.

Navigation: Assessments >  List Assessments > 'Title of Assessment' > Reports > Statistics


Who is the intended audience?

The test’s author(s) and reviser(s)

What data is reported?

Test statistics: # of graded items, total points possible, maximum score, minimum score, median score, range of scores, percentile (25 and 75), inter quartile range, mean score, variance, standard deviation, confidence interval (1%, 5%, 95%, and 99%), Kuder-Richardson Formula 20, Coefficient (Cronbach) Alpha Item statistics: sample size, # missing, P value, point biserial. If an Itembank assessments users can click on the question number to view the question/answers/rationale.

How is the data reported?

A single table of statistics can be run for the test as a whole or broken down by item/question #.