Skills Assessment Flashcards

Description: The purpose of the Skills Assessment Flashcards is to provide students with a way to practice all or part of a set of skills that they are being tested on. All questions or only missed questions can be selected and are in a layout to be printed and cut into flashcards for students to practice.

Purpose: Flashcards that students can use to practice with.

Navigation: This report can be accessed in two ways:

1. Assessments > List Assessments > Click Title of the Assessment > Reports

2. Reports > List Reports > Search Skills to narrow the results or click Skills Assessment under Tags.



Who is the intended audience?

Students, Parents and Teachers

What data is reported?

A card with the name of the Skills Assessment, student name, last test date, label if all or only missed questions are included, date the flashcards were printed, all or only missed questions from the skills assessment

How is the data reported?

Each page contains 8 flashcards to display the information about the set of questions, with one skills assessment question per flashcard.