Requirement Credit Check

Description: This is an abstract for the Requirement Credit Check report, which identifies transcript credit totals by course requirement category for a specified requirement year.

Purpose: This report allows system administrators to run comparisons during data migration between their old SIS to the Illuminate SIS. Counselors can use this report to mass determine how many credits a selected student set have received for all or specified group of requirement categories.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > Credit


Who is the intended audience?

System Administrators and Counselors.

What data is reported?

Student ID, Student Last Name, Student First Name, Grade Level, Requirement Year, Requirement Category Name, Credits Received, Credits in Progress, Credits Scheduled, Credits Needed, Category Satisfied, Refresh Required*

*"Refresh Required" means that one or more grades have been added/changed which may require credits to be recalculated for the graduation check.

How is the data reported?

Each student is listed with one row per graduation category, with a total summary at the end of each student's list. All students selected with corresponding requirement data are listed in the report.