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Immunization Compliance Report by Grade Level- Arizona

Description: This is an abstract for the Immunization Compliance Report by Grade Level, which lists students with their immunization compliance status by grade level.

Purpose: Identifies which students are or aren't up to date with their immunization requirements.

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Who is the intended audience?

Office Clerk, Nurse, Office Manager, or Health Aide.

What data is reported?

Each student’s compliance with each immunization requirement published by the Arizona Department of Health Services, dosage counts per immunization, as well as overall compliance status.

How is the data reported?

The report is generated for a particular grade level, for which all students are listed. You may also opt to include only compliant or only not compliant students.


Always reference current Education Code and District policy when evaluating who will see the information in this report and/or attempting to help a child with his or her health needs. Compliance for this report is based on compliance requirements taken from the Arizona Department of Health Services at