CELDT Student List

Description: This is an abstract for the CELDT-Student List, which lists and summarizes CELDT results for all students who took the CELDT in a given year.

This report combines what used to be all the following reports:

Comprehensive CELDT Student List

Site CELDT Student List

Grade Level CELDT Student List

Course CELDT Student List

Teacher CELDT Student List

Section CELDT Student List

Purpose: Identifies performance on the CELDT, in each of its domains, and aids in the R-FEP reclassification process.

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Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and Administrators

What data is reported?

Each student who took the CELDT in a single academic year is listed with grade, district entry date, test purpose, proficiency level and scale score for Overall and for each domain, and CELDT Proficiency status.

How is the data reported?

Each student at a specific site is listed with 1 row of data per CELDT administration, and the last page summarizes all results.


CELDT proficiency does not automatically mean a student should be Reclassified as Fluent-English Proficient; instead, it means a student should be considered for reclassification. Also, CELDT proficiency is not equal to proficiency on state content standards, and CELDT levels do not equate to STAR proficiency levels.