Accountability Dashboard

Description: This is an abstract for the Accountability Dashboard, which summarizes a district’s or site’s performance on a wide variety of metrics.

Purpose: This report summarizes a district’s or site’s performance on a wide variety of metrics. The dashboard includes a setup screen, the report itself, and the Metric Information and Descriptions page.

Navigation: Reports > List Reports > Prebuilts > Accountability

Please visit this doc for information regarding the Accountability Dashboard Data Requirements and Specifications needed to run the report.


Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and Administrators

What data is reported?

Enrollment- By Ethnicity, By Program Eligibility, By Grade Level

State Assessments- By Subject (CA, AZ, MI, and GA only)

Local Interim Assessments- By Subject

English Learner- Reclassification and Proficiency [CELDT (CA), AZELLA (AZ), M-STEP (MI)]

Early Acceptance Project*- By Subject

Advanced Placement- Pass Rate, Testing Rate, Enrollment Rate

College & Career Readiness- A-G Completion Rate*, Graduation Rate, CTE Pathways

Attendance (currently available for ISI clients only)- Average Daily Attendance*, Chronic Absenteeism

Behavior- Suspension Rate, Expulsion Rate

*CA Only

How is the data reported?

Each section belongs to a specified metric, which is then displayed either by a bar chart or bullet chart to show comparative analytics or to show whether or not a district’s goal was met.

The last few pages of the report provide Metric Information and Descriptions for each specified metric.

Setup Screen