Assessment Pivot Table Report

Description: This is an abstract for the Assessment Comparison Pivot Table Report, which compares student results on two assessments. Based on the assessment you are looking at (Assessment 1), you are able to compare this one to another assessment (Assessment 2) using a Standard Pivot View, Performance Level (PL) Change View, or Band Jumper view. This report allows you to click on the values in the table or chart to get a student list that can be used to create a student group. This report also utilizes assigned performance band colors by default. There is a “Show Colors” option to disable color display should the bands be too light for the page.

Purpose: Identifies where students went up, down, or did not change performance levels from one assessment to the other selected assessment.

Navigation: Assessments >  List Assessments > 'Title of Assessment' > Reports > Pivot Table


Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and Administrators.

What data is reported?

Assessment performance levels for limited cohorts, which means only students who earned scores in both assessments selected.

How is the data reported?

There are three display options. The first option is a Performance Level Pivot table. The assessment you accessed the report through should be the most recent assessment and will appear on the Y-axis. This report contains a Performance Level Bubble Chart, Percent of Students by Performance Level, and Percent of Students at Mastery. Second, a Performance Level Change view that displays the number of students that either moved up or down a level in tabular form. The third option is a Band Jumper view that shows the number of Gains or Drops made within each performance band.

PRE and POST labels indicate which data belongs to which assessment.

Performance Level Change View

Band Jumper View