DIBELS Class Progress Summary

Description: This is an abstract for the DIBELS Progress Summary report, which compares results from Beginning, Middle, and End benchmark assessments for each student.

Purpose: Identifies each students's score and performance band for each DIBELS score field and Composite Score (DIBELS Next End Only) or Instructional Recommendation (DIBELS Sixth).

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Who is the intended audience?

Teachers, administrators, intervention staff, and Special Ed. staff

What data is reported?

For each student in a class section for a particular DIBELS or DIBELS Next assessment: score for each indicator (such as Initial Sound Fluency), highlighted by performance band acquired for each indicator if available, and Composite Score (DIBELS Next) or Instructional Recommendation (DIBELS Sixth). Note that the composite score for Beginning, Middle and End are shown.

How is the data reported?

All students in a class section, by grade level, with a single row for each student.