Student Mailing Labels 5160 by Site

Description: This is an abstract for Student Mailing Labels 5160 by Teacher, which are labels stating a student's school site, name, parent and mailing address.

Purpose: Printable mailing labels generated by site.

Navigation: Reports > Prebuilts > Mailing Labels



Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and support staff

What data is reported?

Each student’s full name, parent's name, and mailing address.

How is the data reported?

Students are grouped by teacher, and you may opt to include a page break between teachers’ sections or not. Pages are formatted to print on Avery 5160 address labels (30 labels sized 1”x2.62” per page), rendering 1 label per student.


After generating the report, you must click the Adobe image to download a pdf file to print. Check your print settings and be sure the page scaling option is set to none and auto-rotate and center are unchecked.