CMA Percent Proficient by Class

Description: This is an abstract for the CMA Percent Proficient by Classreport, which provides charts by class of the percentage and number of students in each performance band for a given year.

Purpose: Generates a chart of CMA performance for a class overall.

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Who is the intended audience?

Teachers, other Special Ed. staff, and administrators.

What data is reported?

Each classes CMA proficiency levels overall by percentages in each band, and number of students in each band. The total number of students that are Proficient and Not Proficient is also provided.

How is the data reported?

Via charts and bands.


As of 2012, the California Modified Assessment (CMA) is available for ELA (grades 3-11, including Writing), Mathematics (grades 3-7, with Algebra I for eligible students grades 7-11 and Geometry for eligible students grades 8-11), and Science (grades 5 and 8, with Life Science for grade 10). Note that a student above grade 7 may not take a Math CMA if not enrolled in an Algebra I or Geometry course, since there is no other Mathematics CMA available for grades 8-11.