District Peer Comparison

Description: This is an abstract for the assessment District Peer Comparison Report, which shows you how the entire district performed on the test and in relation to one another.

Purpose: Provides a comparison of site performance for an assessment overall, by standard and by question group.

Navigation:  Assessments > List Assessments > 'Title of Assessment' > Reports > District Peer Comparison OR Reports > Tag: Prebuilt > Tag: Assessment > District Peer Comparison


Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators.

What data is reported?

For each site: performance levels and %/# of students in each level, percentage of students at Mastery, and perent of students at each performance level in bar graph format. You can also run the report to get the same information by Question Group or Standard.

How is the data reported?

By a list of sites. This report also gives bar, pie and data charts. This report is also interactive and customizable, click on the Gears to see other options available to you.


Peer comparison is a component of Response to Intervention (RTI). Each “Compared to Group” section is just like the table above it, except that it subtracts each score from the group average. For example, Student A earned a 40% correct on a Standard 1.2, but Class Average for Standard 1.2 was 60%, so Student A shows a -20 for Standard 1.2 (this is how he compares to his peers on this standard).