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CST Multi-Year Percent Proficient by Subgroup

Description: This is an abstract for the CST Multi-Year Percent Proficient by Subgroup report, which compares grade level performance on each CST test for multiple years for a specified subgroup/grade level at a single school site.

Purpose: Identifies proficiency levels by grade level/subgroup for up to three years, and how these students impacted AYP.

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Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators.

What data is reported?

% and # of students earning each proficiency level on a CST by grade level and subgroup, as well as # and % proficient and not proficient. Note that demographic data is based on demographics provided in the STAR data file (CBEDS). 

How is the data reported?

Each separate report page belongs to a specific subgroup/grade level.


Caution: If you try to access this report  no sites are listed in the site selection menu, the school/district needs to edit the site(s) under Site Management and fill in the State School ID field with the full 14-digit CDS code for the school. Often the CDS code is shown with dashes, but it should be the 14 digit code with no spaces or dashes. For example, 30-66670-6030324 is what is normally reported, but it should be input as 30666706030324.