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Class Roster with CST History/Social Science

Description: This is an abstract for the Class Roster with CST History/Social Science report, which lists all students in each class period with three years of Scale Scores and Proficiency Levels in CST History and Social Science.

Purpose: Identifies what students are in my current class and multiple years worth of scores for CST History/Social Science for comparison purposes.

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Who is the intended audience?


What data is reported?

Each student’s name, ID, and (dependent on Grade Level) Work History Scale Score (ex. 12SS= 2012 Scale Score) and Proficiency Level (ex. 12PL), and US History Scale Score and Proficiency Level.

How is the data reported?

Each separate report section/page belongs to a specific class period for one teacher.


Note the impact your “academic year” and “test year” selections have on the report. For example, if I select students who were in my classroom (academic year) in 2010-2011 and took the CST (test year) in 2010-2011, I can see a report on how my students performed following my instruction. However, if it’s September and I select 2011-2012 as academic year and 2010-2011 as test year, I can see my incoming students’ performance (even though their performance won’t reflect my own instruction, it can be used as 1 of multiple indicators to help me plan initial instruction).