Teacher Overview

Description: This is an abstract for the assessment report Teacher Overview, which gives a basic summary of a teacher's classes overall or a specific period's performance on a test.

Purpose: Identifies which performance bands/question groups/standards are most of a teacher's students are earning or struggling with and if those students demonstrated mastery on a test.

Navigation: Assessments >  List Assessments > 'Title of Assessment' > Reports > Teacher Overview OR Reports > Tag: Prebuilt > Tag: Assessment > Teacher Assessment Overview



Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators

What data is reported?

# and % of students scoring in each performance band, # and % of students who mastered vs. didn’t master content.

How is the data reported?

The overview is run for a teacher's classes overall or for a single class period. Results are tabled and graphed. This report is also interactive and customizable, click on the Gears to see other options available to you.


The performance bands that constitute mastery are set by the author of the assessment. In other words, some districts/authors believe students scoring Proficient and Advanced have demonstrated mastery, whereas other districts/authors believe only Advanced constitutes mastery. Illuminate allows mastery levels to be set in any way districts/authors wish.