ELSSA Report

Description: This is an abstract for the ELSSA Report, or the English Learner Subgroup Self Assessment which serves as a district level tool for LEAs to analyze outcomes and program services for English learners (ELs) while preparing LEA plans and addenda to meet requirements under Title I and Title III. In Illuminate it is broken into two parts but is a single report.

Purpose: The ELSSA helps LEAs focus on the attainment of linguistic and academic standards EL students are held accountable for, as well as to identify issues regarding EL instructional programs.

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Who is the intended audience?

Teachers and administrators.

What data is reported?

Part 1 utilizes the State Research files and relies on the CDS code for the district. Part 2 relies on rostering and State data the district has loaded into Illuminate. This includes AMAO proficiencies, CELDT proficiencies, comparisons over multiple years and with other US EL programs.  

How is the data reported?

In Illuminate it is broken into two parts but it is a single report. It is broken into question areas for progress monitoring and reports multiple years for each annual progress area. Note: The words in red on the report are only in red to alert you to the areas the student did not meet.


When run for a school site the ELSSA will not produce school results for page 1. The state does not provide this data publicly in a downloadable file, although a client can see this through the UI on the CDE website.

By clicking on the following link you can find the state's information about the ELSSA (English Learner Subgroup Self Assessment), including the Excel template from which we modeled our report: