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Elementary/Standards-Based Report Card Checklist

Starting Report Cards? This document will help you navigate through the set up of Elementary Report Cards and its release to your teachers. Please follow each step and direction carefully to ensure successful Report Card creation! (This is not for Secondary Report Cards). System Admin or TestAdmin users currently have the permissions to do the following:

Prior to Creation...

Please watch this video before proceeding to the next step as it will address many key features.

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Elementary Report Cards Overall, Step by Step

The following are the big ideas and steps for Elementary Report Cards. These are basic quick overviews on the essential components in building your report card.

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Create Student Groups

Where to Start: Create a Student Group

Student groups will assign a report card to a student. For example, if  all 5th graders use the 5th grade report card, create a student group  with all 5th graders. If EL students use a different report card, create  a student group with all EL students.  

This lesson covers:

  • Create a Group
  • Naming your Group
  • Setting Visibility
  • Adding Students

Set Grading Periods

Where to Start: Set Grading Periods

Grading periods define the start and end dates associated with  quarters, trimesters or semesters. They are different than terms. You  will need to enter grading periods even if terms have been set in  Illuminate.  Setting up grading periods correctly is critical for the  use of Gradebooks and Report Cards.

Note:  While elementary schools typically do NOT have trimester terms they will likely have trimester grading periods.

This lesson covers:

  • Creating a Grading Period
  • Reviewing Grading Periods


Enable Permissions for Report Cards  

Where to Start for Report Card Creator/Admin: Click Gear > Permissions.

Select the Permission Scope > Role or User. Select Module > All Module> Load. Choose Site > Load.

In the Administration Module, choose Yes for Manage K-6 Report Cards.

In the Grades Module, choose Yes for those listed.


Where to Start for: Elementary / Standards Based Report Card Permissions

Staff will not be able to use Illuminate report cards unless they have  been given permission (links, access, etc.) to do so. Your District's  Illuminate administrator can manage permissions (e.g., what users can  access and do in the Illuminate system). This lesson will show how to  manage report card permissions by role, but you may easily opt to  complete the lesson for a site or user.

This lesson covers:

  • Teacher Permissions
  • Report Cards (Report Card Module)
  • Access Report Cards
  • Report Card Data Links
  • Allow Teacher Value Scale Customization - Note: This is optional and depends on your district preferences
  • Allow Historical Printing Report Card - Note: This is optional and depends on your district preferences

Create Report Card Predefined Value Sets

Where to Start: Step 1 - Create Report Card Predefined Value Sets

Predefined Value Sets are those marks that a teacher enters on the  report card. For each set of marks a teachers uses, a different value  set is created. Examples of value sets are academic marks and effort  marks. Most report cards have a key with this information.

This lesson covers:

  • Adding Values
  • Abbreviations
  • Descriptions

Create Report Card Predefined Value Scales

NOTE: This step is needed  only if teachers are using Illuminate's Gradebook as a way to populate  report card marks. If you are not using the Gradebook, proceed to Step  4, Create Report Card Field Groups and Fields. Value  Scales translate percentages into report card marks. For example, if an  ELA percentage is 79% in the Gradebook, the system will translate this  to a '3' on the report card

Where to Start: Step 2 - Create Report Card Predefined Value Scales

This lesson covers:

  • Creating value scale
  • Entering a scale
  • Adding a band

Create Report Card Field Groups and Fields

Where to Start: Step 3 - Create Report Card Field Groups and Fields

Report cards are comprised of field groups, which are comprised on  fields. Each field group should have 5-10 fields for maximum system  performance. One example of a field group and its fields is a composite  score and the associated  clusters/standards. Another example of a field  group and its fields is a personal/social growth group with effort  categories.

This lesson covers:

  • Field Groups
  • Fields/Manage Fields
  • May use for Illuminate Gradebook or Assessments, if Applicable
  • Adding Categories
  • Adding Assessment Question Groups
  • Adding Standards
  • Adding Gradebook

Create Print Groups

Where to Start: Step 4 - Report Card Print Groups

Because each report card is grading period specific (i.e. Grade 4 Trimester 1, Grade 4 Trimester 2, Grade 4 Trimester 3), each report card is treated as its own separate report card. Print Groups link all related report cards onto a complete whole. For example, Grade 4 Trimester 1, Grade 4 Trimester 2, and Grade 4 Trimester 3, are the three report cards that make up the whole Grade 4 report card. Therefore, all three related report cards must link to the same print group

This lesson covers:

  • Create a Print Group
  • Adding Report Cards to a Print Group

Create Report Card Templates

Where to Start: Step 5 - Create Report Card Templates

Once the value sets, value scales and field groups have been created, you will create your report card template.

This lesson covers:

  • Create a Template
  • Sharing/Permissions

Map Report Card

Where to Start: Step 6 - Map Report Card

The last step requires you have a PDF of any report card you use.

NOTE: This must be done for each report card.

This lesson covers:

  • Uploading a PDF Template
  • Edit Layout
  • Map Fields
  • Format Blocks with Palette
  • Format using the Toolbar

Sharing Report Cards and Field Groups

Sharing Report Cards and Field Groups

Have you shared your Report Cards and Field Groups with your teachers? With your administrators?

Where to Start:

1. Click on the Grades tab and select Report Cards.

2. Select Permissions from the sub-navigation menu.

For additional help on this page see the Help Document: Share with Others

This lesson will walk you through the steps on how to share an Report Cards and Field Groups with other users.

This lesson covers:

  • Share with users
  • Reviewing Permissions

For Report Card purposes, you may want to visit Permission Groups if you have many roles or users that specific capabilities of viewing, printing, or report card entry. For example, you can create a Permission Group called "RC Fourth Grade" that includes Teachers (who can enter grades, print, and view within a grading period or window), Specialists (who can only view and print report cards), Counselors (who can only view report cards), and Principals (who can view, print outside of the grading window, and enter or change after the grading window). When sharing report cards, fields and field groups, you would only have to select "RC Fourth Grade" for quick and easy sharing as opposed to sharing by each individual role separately.

Test Sharing, Data Entry, Links, and Printing

It is helpful to test data entry, sharing permissions, gradebook and/or custom report links if and when applicable, and printing of report cards to ensure they are setup and functioning correctly, prior to users entering grades.

Where to Start:  Become Another User

This lesson will walk you through the steps on how to become a user, in order to test how a teacher with specific rosters can see and enter Report Card data

  • Non-Teacher roles can have the permission for Report Card Entry and would see all students at their affiliated site and applicable report cards based on Sharing permissions
  • Check Gradebook links are correct within grading period window
  • Check Custom Report links are displaying data correctly
  • Print a report card to confirm layout and how data is printing from your layout customtizations

Next Steps

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