Step 4 - Create Print Groups

This lesson will guide you through the creation and management of Report Card Print Groups. Because each report card is grading period specific (i.e. Grade 4 Trimester 1, Grade 4 Trimester 2, Grade 4 Trimester 3), each report card is treated as its own separate report card.

Why Do I Need to Create Print Groups?

In an academic year, typically there will be anywhere from 3-6 report cards for each student group. For each grading period or report card you enter data for, they are specific to a certain grading period. Typically, if working or printing on Quarter 3 (for example), you want data from Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 to print as well. In order to do this, you create a Print Group. All related report cards must link to the same print group.

A Print Group is like a folder, that will house all Report Cards for the entire year. For example, the print group would be called Grade 1 and will house all Grade 1 Report Cards for Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.

Special Scenarios:

  • One of the sites has a different Report Card than the rest of the district. They will need a seperate Print Group such as "IES Grade 1", because it is only for that site.
  • Illuminate supports supplemental Report Cards (i.e., English Language or Special Education). Because they have a seperate report card, they will need to have their own Print Group such as "EL Grade 1".

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Grades tab.

2. Under the Report Cards section, select Print Group.

Print Groups List Overview

Print Groups List Overview

3. This will populate the list of current print groups or the Manage Print Groups screen, if there are any previously created print groups.

4. If you need to create a print group, select Create Print Group.

5. Quickly search for print groups using the Search Bar.

6. To delete a print group, click Delete.

7. Print the list of print group at any time by using the Print Options.

8. To edit any print groups, click on the Name of the group.

Note: Notice that has Report Cards are created, they are assigned a print group and can be seen here.

Create a Print Group

Create a Print Group

1. Give your print group a Name. This should match your Student Groups.

2. Click Create. Once clicked, you will be taken back to the list of print groups.

3. If you change your mind, select Manage Print Groups to go back to the list of print groups, without saving changes.

That's it! Continue creating each of the print groups needed, repeating the above steps.

Where Do I See This On the Report Card Setup Process?

Where Do I See This On the Report Card Setup Process?

When you get to the step of Creating Report Cards, a required field is called Print Group. Because print groups have to be assigned to the report card, it must be created beforehand.

Once Report Cards have been assigned to your print group, they will show once you click on the title of the Print Group.

Next Steps

Now, that you have created all the print groups, take a look at Step 5 - Create Report Card Predefined Value Sets!