Report Card Year Duplicator (Rollover) for the New School Year

This lesson helps guide you in using the Report Card Year Duplicator tool, which will make a copy of an entire report card and all of its setup pieces and components with a single "one-button" process. Once duplicated, it will be available for the upcoming or new academic year, as it was setup. From there, you can edit and refine if necessary and where able, or create new pieces using the Elementary/Standards-Based Report Card Checklist to help refresh and assist in building only what you need - not everything all over again.

If you have already begun on the duplication process of your current report card for the new academic year, you will need to refer to Report Card Duplicator (Rollover) Tools for the New School Year, focusing on using tools to duplicate pieces of the setup process as you need them.

Please note that the tool is not designed to duplicate a Report Card from a Normal session into a Summer session or vice versa. If Report Cards are needed for Summer session, please refer the setup process within the For Admin (Setup) manual.

Before You Get Started

There are a few things to consider or have setup before beginning this process:

  1. Rollover, New Academic Term
  2. Appropriate Report Card Duplicator Tool(s)

Rollover, New Academic Term

To rollover or duplicate last year's report cards for the upcoming or new school year, you must be logged into the upcoming academic year or new school year. For example, if you are using your 2015-2016 Elementary Report Cards for the 2016-2017 school year, use the Control Panel to be in the 2016-2017 academic year.

This step may not be available until your District Illuminate System Admin has created the new academic year in Illuminate and provided the account housing report cards access to that year. If it is not available, speak with your District Illuminate System Admin.

How Do I Know I Want to Use This Tool?

Great question! Read the following questions and answer YES or NO if it applies for any grade level or group of students expected to receive a report card:

  • Has the report card template/design, changed drastically (meaning layout, content, verbiage, etc.)?
  • Have you changed from a points-based gradebook to a standards-based gradebook (how grades are linked or calculated, and/or even linking from gradebooks)?
  • Have you changed how or from where the data is expected to pull from in Illuminate (was manual entry to now pulling data from a custom report)

If you said NO to any of the above questions, then you are READY to use this fabulous "one-button" duplicator tool!

But I Answered Yes (to at least one question)?!

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it is advised to visit our series of Report Card Duplicator Tools, rolling over or duplicating pieces of the setup process as needed, or consider to complete the For Admin (Setup) process again since it is as if it was a brand new report card.

Duplicating or rolling over won't always be to your benefit because some critical components may need to be changed such where a field of data prints on the report card, as opposed to a new title or display on the entry screen.

By answering yes, you are most likely saying that field expectations have changed. Visit the Report Card Field Type Guide to review various field types and how they need to be setup.

Control Panel

Control Panel

1. Visit the Control Panel.

2. Using the calendar, choose any date within the new academic year. For example, if you are duplicating this year's report card (2015-2016) for next year, choose a date within the 2016-2017 school year.

3. Select Save to apply changes.

Report Card Year Duplicator

Report Card Year Duplicator

1. Click on the Grades tab.

2. Select Report Card Year Duplicator.

  1. Confirm the Source Academic Year is the current year, where the report card is complete and ready - where you are copying from.
  2. Confirm the Destination Academic Year or which year the report card will copy to.
  3. Click Duplicate.

A warning prompt will automatically follow asking, "This process may take several minutes. Are you sure you want to duplicate all report card data from the source academic year to the destination academic year?" Click OK to proceed.

But, I Received an Error Message?

Did You Receive This Message? If this message appears on your screen, it means that at least one field group, print group, or overlay has already been duplicated and applied to the new academic year, and this tool cannot complete the request. Please visit Report Card Duplicator (Rollover) Tools for the New School Year ONLY if you have received this message.

  1. If process is successfully executed, you should get the following message "Successfully started Report Card Year Duplication. You may monitor the progress here".
  2. Click on the "here" link to be taken to the Scheduled Jobs page to see the details of that process.

Note: While the task is being processed, you can navigate away and continue working. It is recommended to NOT modify or work within the Grades module, just to be safe.

  1. Each Scheduled Job is assigned an ID # which is helpful to note if any Support is needed. The title of the job should be Report Card Year Duplicator.
  2. The Status will display the progress of the job. During the Running progress Cancel is available.
  3. At any time, you can Download the Log if necessary.

Control Panel

Control Panel
  1. At any time during your session, you can visit the Scheduled Jobs page easily, by visiting the Control Panel.
  2. Under the Other section, click Scheduled Jobs to see the progress of the task.


1. Ensure your overlays have duplicated over by proceeding to Grades > Report Cards.   Click on one Report Card (Grade 1 Trimester 1) and look over the overlay page to see that blocks have carried over.

2. If you do have language versions, ensure those overlays also duplicated over.

3. We did not yet build in the functionality to duplicate Field Group share permissions.  Please don't forget to share Field Groups.

3. If all looks good, you made proceed now to rename any of the following as necessary: Report Card Names, Print Group Names, Field Group Names, Field Names.

CONGRATS on your successful duplication of Report Cards within Illuminate.


Next Steps