Data & AssessmentElementary Report Cards For Admin (Setup)Step 7 - Create Report Card Field Groups

Step 7 - Create Report Card Field Groups

Report Cards are a collection of Field Groups or areas of the report card where fields of data are populated. Field Groups are to be created to organize the entry screen similar to how the report card is designed.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Click Grades > Report Card Field Groups > Create Field Group.

Create Field Group

Create Field Group

Separate field groups are often needed for each report card you create. For this reason, it is recommended that you name your field groups specifically.

  1. Enter a Name.
  2. Academic Year and Session Type will default to the current year and normal type.
  3. Checkmark any Report Card you want this to apply to.
  4. Select any Student Group that is associated to this report card.
  5. Click Create Field Group.

Manage Field Groups

This is the Field Groups Overview page where you can manage field groups and see:

  • A list of all field groups created
  • Student Groups, Report Cards, and Users the field groups have been shared to which is important for data entry
  • The Search Bar (1) allows you to quickly find report cards, field groups and fields
  • Select the Name (2) header to sort the field groups list alphabetically
  • Print a copy of this list (3) at anytime by downloading to MSExcel, Adobe PDF, or other options
  • To add and create fields select Manage Fields (4) to the Field Group of choice.
  • Field Groups can be applied to multiple report cards and grading periods if the fields are the same

Sharing Field Groups

Once Field Groups are created, they need to be shared with those who will need to enter data for them. This can be found when in a Field Group, by selecting Edit Teacher Permissions (1):

Sharing Field Groups

When in the Sharing or Teacher Permissions screen, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select the Share With menu to choose who this field group should be available to enter data for students
  2. Select one or more of the abilities the chosen users can do: Edit Grades Within the Grading Period Window (most common for teacher users or those with students they are entering data for) and/or Edit Grades Outside Grading Period Window (most common for administrative or point of contact users who are able to edit grades once the teacher's window is closed).
  3. To confirm sharing permissions, select Share (3)
  4. To review which users belong to the shared list, you can select View Users (4) to see all users who meet the conditions of the sharing enabled.
  5. If you need to update or remove sharing permissions at any time, select the checkboxes and select Save Changes (5).

To return to the Field Group Profile (6) or continue to Manage Fields (7).

Select Field Group List (8) to return to the main screen.

NOTE: Some thing look into is creating Permission Groups or the ability to make a group of users who you will regularly share to, other than the options provided int he Share With menu. Visit our Sharing Help Manual for more details and on sharing practices.

Next Steps

Now that Field Groups have been created, get started on building Fields.