Data & AssessmentElementary Report Cards For Elementary TeachersUsing the Report Card Viewer to enter Individual Student Grades

Using the Report Card Viewer to enter Individual Student Grades

This lesson will guide you through the process of entering individual student grades using the Report Card Viewer. This allows a user to directly use the Report Card template to enter scores.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Grades tab.

2. Under Report Cards, select Entry.

3. Use the filters to select any specific Site, Enrollment, Department or Course information you wish to use to find students.

4. Press Find Students.

5. Grading Period will default to the current Grading Period. If you wish to select another, use the dropdown menu.

6. Select which Report Card you are entering grades for.

7. Click Load.

You will notice multiple options for grade entry, By Student and by Field.

8. For the RC Viewer, we want to use By Student, so click on a student's name.

Using the Report Card Viewer

1. Once on the entry page for a student, press Report Card Viewer at the top of the page.

2.  The report card template will load. To enter a grade, simple click in the box you wish to fill in.

3. A pop up will display with a dropdown menu to allow you to enter a grade.

4. Press Save. Repeat with as many fields as you wish to fill in.

5. Note, that some Report Cards are more than one page. Use the page buttons to navigate between them.

6. To navigate to another student, select the student name from the dropdown menu and click Load Student.

7. Use the Save button often.

8. You can also Print and/or Publish grades directly from this page.

9. To navigate back to Field entry, click Switch to Field Entry at the top of the page.