Report Card Year Duplicator (Rollover) for the New School Year

This lesson will provide information on Rolling Over or duplicating your previous year's report cards, for the new or current academic year.

This is the best practice and recommended tool to use if you are NOT changing your report card. It is not necessary to rebuild or set your report cards up again, if how the fields and data links have NOT changed.

You can also use this tool, if most of the report card setup is the same. Then once duplicated, remove and refine the few areas that are able to be changed or need to be rebuilt.

If you need help on deciding before duplicating, feel free to contact your Implementation Manager or Illuminate Support.

Before You Get Started

To rollover or duplicate last year's report cards for the upcoming or new school year, you must be logged into the upcoming academic year or new school year. For example, if you are using your 2015-2016 Elementary Report Cards for the 2016-2017 school year, use the Control Panel to be in the 2016-2017 academic year.

This step may not be available until your District Illuminate System Admin has created the new academic year in Illuminate and provided the account housing report cards access of affiliations to that year. If it is not available, speak with your District Illuminate System Admin.

Where Are You Now?

There are two ways to rolling over report cards accordingly. Answer the following questions. Based on your answer, you will be directed as to how to proceed:

Have you started ANY of the Elementary Report Card setup process for the upcoming academic year?

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Grades tab.

2. Report Card Year Duplicator.  This is our "one button" solution that will automatically duplicate all of the previous academic year's report cards and setup components.

Please confirm that the Source and Destination years are correct.  Take note of the Session Type, as the tool is not designed to duplicate from a Normal session into a Summer session or vice versa.

3. Click Duplicate.

A warning prompt will automatically follow asking, "This process may take several minutes. Are you sure you want to duplicate all report card data from academic year 20XX - 20XX to academic year 20XX - 20XX?".

Click OK to proceed.

Note: If no other setup components such as field groups, print groups, report cards, are detected to have been individually duplicated in your session, you will get the above screen and prompt.

Confirm Rollover Success

To confirm your rollover is successful, go to Grades, then select Report Cards, landing on Manage Report Cards page. You will notice that ALL report cards and settings from the previous year will display on the list, including the print groups, student groups, whom they are shared with, and which field groups are included.

it is highly recommended to review that Field Group and Field settings are setup as expected. Specifically, in the areas of Assessment or Gradebook Scores and Custom Report fields.

Report Card Rollover Review

The duplicator tool is amazing in that it literally rollsover everything! However, we do recommend to review setup components that may have changed from last year to the current year.

Value Sets and Value Scales

If any of the value sets or value scales have changed or need to edited, you will need to Manage Bands of the set or scale as appropriate. Because the sets and scales are tied to a specific academic year, any changes made will not tamper with historical data.

Visit our lessons on Value Sets, Value Scales, and Manage Report Cards After Data Has Been Entered for more details.

Field Groups and Fields

In rare circumstances you may need to add, edit, or change Field Groups and/or Fields, mainly due to one or all of the following:

  • Change in Gradebook Practice such as going from a Points-Based to Standards-Based Gradebook
  • A new field group and fields to this current report card, that wasn't on there last year
  • Creating new Custom Reports that need to be academic year or grading period specific such as Attendance or State Assessment Scores for Custom Report field type fields**

Once Field Groups and Fields are created, most settings cannot be changed. In most circumstances where one of the above needs applies, you will remove the field groups and fields that need to be changed, and add new ones.

New (Add) Field Groups and Fields

If you have changed in Gradebook Practice such as going from a Points-Based to Standards-Based Gradebook or need a new field group and fields to this current report card, that wasn't on there last year, it will be important to review our lesson on Step 7 - Create Report Card Field Groups and Step 8a - Create Report Card Fields. The Field Type Guide can help better explain how the various types need to be built in support of your needs.

Reminders if adding something new:

  • Make sure to share the field group appropriately
  • Add the field group to all of the year's report cards
  • Map and layout the new fields on the document

Changed Field Groups and Fields

There are only a few changed that can be made to Field Groups and Fields which include:

  • Titles
  • Entry Options such as Overwritable by Teacher, Required, Show on Entry Screen, etc.
  • Value Scale or Set
  • Custom Report and Column

The field type itself cannot be changed, nor can the category type of an Assessment Field or Assessment/Gradebook Score. Changing areas like calculations, value scales or value sets, can be changed when necessary, but advised PRIOR to any data entry by users. For more information, visit the Field Type Guide and Manage Report Cards After Data Has Been Entered for more details.

Custom Reports

If any Custom Reports were used for Report Cards, they will rollover as part of the Field in the process. However areas such as Attendance, have data linked from a specific period of time. Such reports will need to be duplicated and filtered for the current academic year and grading periods (or time frame) for most desired results.

To review how Custom Report fields work, visit Custom Report Value Field Type. To learn how to duplicate and use tools like Filters in Custom Reports, visit our Custom Reports manual.

Next Steps

We always recommend to test how the report card is working prior to entry for your teachers. This is also a great time to designate some training time on improving Assessment and/or Grading practices if data links are established on the report card. Visit Review Sharing, Print, and Test for more details.